GPS tracking Solutions

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GPS Tracking Solutions

We Provide App based Vehicle Tracking System wherein the movement and the location of a vehicle or a group of vehicles can be tracked and monitored. The device can be easily fitted into a car or a bike. Due to the very compact nature of the device the device can be concealed. Users will be provided with a login ID and password to our application with which the users will be able to view the location and generate various reports pertaining to a vehicle or group of vehicles.

Detailed Interactive Maps

Stop wondering where your fleet is and start tracking with detailed, dynamic interactive maps powered by our fleet telematics solution and Google Maps.

By using tools such as Geofences, you can not only monitor your fleet’s whereabouts but also maintain control of locations you’ve set as off-limits: such as bars, adult entertainment facilities or even the driver’s home. Fleet management from GPS Trackit gives you 24/7 coverage that powers and protects your business.

Robust Reporting

Streamline your fleet and meet the day-to-day intelligence needs of your business with a wide range of data-rich, customizable reporting tools.

From detailed reports on your entire fleet to individual driver scorecards, our fleet management solution makes it easier than ever to get to the numbers that matter to your business. Explore on-demand, real-time temperature reports, view speed and safety reports for your drivers or get details on miles driven per state to track fuel taxes — managing your fleet has never been simpler.

Customized Automation

From detailed daily information on your vehicles to data-rich custom reports, our fleet management solution can automate the things you do regularly with a few easy clicks.

Our fully-loaded, robust reporting feature allows you to build, view and print custom reports for the exact data you need without any of the clutter you don’t. Automated reporting can also help save you time by delivering the reports you want directly to your inbox on a regular basis.

Asset and Vehicle Theft Protection

Protect your assets with 24/7 visibility, off-hours use alerts, theft detection and unauthorized movement alerts.

Real-time fleet tracking can offer so much more than just monitoring your drivers — it can also provide you with the ability to protect your vehicles and other valuable assets. On average, vehicles using GPS tracking systems experience quicker theft recovery and less damage than those that don’t, which helps keep your business moving.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Some of our Core Value Added GPS Tracking Solutions
that we offer to our customers both on-site and off-site

Basic GPS Software

Live, Group and History tracking with playback
Over speed
Region Cross SMS Alerts

Advanced GPS Software

Easy Configuration Settings
Google Map support
Multi Device Support

GPS Based GPS Courier Tracking

checkTracking Form Shipment.
checkAuto Generate Tracking No.
checkSearch & Sorting of Shipment Details

Advanced GPS with CRM

Connect your CRM
Track and follow your sales
Manage Stock , sales and leads.

GPS Based school Bus Tracking

RFID integration & Video surveillance
Tracking students on board the bus
Instant notifications to parents.

GPS based Employee tracking

Onfield Workforce attendance is done remotely and precisely.

GPS Based Asset Tracking

Take control on your asset
Asset activation
Asset location

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