Database Performance Tuning

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Database Performance Tuning


Assets Management is a comprehensive integrated online information system designed to succesfully define a flexible systematic approach to the management of fixed assets. It is designed to meet the requirements of fast growing organisation in either single or multi-user environment. It is easy to learn and operate. It is designed specially for use by the personnel handling the respective activities rather than high-priced technically oriented data processing staff.

It consists of several modules,integrated to function and exchange information as a team. A tranasaction entered into one module automatically updates the entire system.This facility allows free exchange of online information from one department to the other,eliminating loss of information and delays in transmission. It is the system that will satisfy all your needs for efficient monitoring of Fixed Assets providing various reports suiting to your needs.

The Gateway to Assets Management consists of five major modules.They are:

  • Masters
  • Transactions
  • Reports
  • Listings
  • Setup

The flow of the entire system is controlled by the asset code.The asset code is a ten digit code designated as follows. The asset code is automatically generated based on the location ,categoryand type of the asset.


  • Masters comprises of modules updated as and when required.
  • Locations comprises of an unlimited list of the location of assets.
  • Categories comprises of predefined asset categories.
  • Types within categories comprising of templates for deprecation %ges.
  • Shifts,Working Days ,Departments (if any)
  • Assets

Inflation Indices


  • Purchase of assets
  • Sale/Scrapping of Assets
  • Shift transaction
  • Splitting of Assets.
  • Merging of Assets
  • Value Correction
  • Transfer of Assets


  • Purchase register
  • Sales register
  • Asset register
    • => Locationwise
    • => Categorywise
    • => typewise control totals for different methods including
    1. CompanyLaw
    2. Managerial remuneration
    3. Income tax
    4. Trading deprecation etc.,
  • Shiftwise deprecation report – PlantWise etc.,